Science and Preschoolers.

science post

I, like most parents I think, really try to give my daughter early access to learning so that she can succeed later in life. That being said, I try to make it really fun.

Lately we’ve been working on reading and she has a few sight words down, but I can tell she’s getting bored. To change it up I was trying to figure out how to incorporate science. To a three year old. The whole concept seemed strange to me. THEN I came across some anatomically correct coloring pages on Pinterest. I started her off with the heart and she was hooked.

From there she kept asking for more, so I found this booklet, I gave this to her yesterday and we’ve gone through it at least 8 times. I’m no science buff, but I happen to have a lot of health issues (mostly heart and lung but some bone issues as well), so while I could show her a few things I definitely needed to do my own studying.

Looking up body systems led me to classifying the systems shown in the booklet. (integumentary, muscular, circulatory, etc.) It’s been two days since we started this anatomy lesson and she can tell you what the heart does, “pumps blood all over your body”, some different parts of the heart (chambers, atriums, valves, etc), what the lungs do, what makes your body move (muscles, joints, and bones) and don’t even get her started on the digestive system, “food goes down the ‘sophagus, into your ‘tomach, goes down the ‘testines and then you poop it out!”

To say I am shocked by her enthusiasm for this subject is an understatement. She definitely didn’t get her love of science from me, so I am going to try my best to expose her to as many things as possible until she finds her niche.

She is taking these coloring sheets, booklet, magic school bus episodes, and youtube videos  and running with them, so now all I have to do is keep up with what she’s asking me to teach.

If you have any other resources for our lesson, I would love to hear them!

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