How I get makeup for free or cheap!

Lets talk makeup. Personally, I wear it every day, different degrees but every day. Makeup is crazy expensive and I don’t even buy the high end brands, so I knew that I had to do something to support my habit. My mom gave me a Birchbox membership for my birthday, June of 2016, and I loved it. I’ve kept the subscription renewed ever since.

Birch box is $10 a month, or $110 a year and I fully believe that it is worth it. I cleared out my hoard of samples to show just how much I’ve received and this is not even counting what I’ve already used, what is in my various purses, and what I keep in my car.

Most things will be sample sized but they also include a full size item occasionally. That being said, even with the samples, I have not had to buy mascara, eyeliner, blush, lipstick,  or perfume since I joined a year ago. Don’t get me wrong, once I have a favorite product, perfume for example, I definitely stick with it for special occasions but the samples are great for making my favorite last longer.

My favorite products that I’ve received so far from Birchbox, would have to be:

FullSizeRender copyI love BB creams but they have always made me break out, until this one! And the Air Repair makes my skin noticeably brighter. I also love Harvey Prince Hello perfume, and will be ordering it very soon.

Birchbox gives you points and discounts for purchasing from them but honestly, sometimes Amazon is cheaper. So definitely compare the two before you purchase.


The next way I save money on makeup, is by shopping at the Post Exchange, either in store or online. Tax free for military! This is where I buy foundation and eyeshadow. I really like Bare Minerals for foundation and from what I’ve seen, the exchange is the cheapest. Now, since that doesn’t work for everyone here is the way I get makeup for FREE…

We’ve all heard of birthday discounts. Free meals at Denny’s, etc. But did you know that if you are a rewards member with Ulta and Sephora they give you a free gift? No purchase necessary. My birthday was yesterday, and I just collected my samples:

The Monsieur Big mascara isn’t even in stores until July so hows that for a freebie? I haven’t tried the tarte products yet but the mascara is great.

Update: The Tarte blush and lip gloss are amazing. Seriously, I may have a new favorite gloss.

Saving money on makeup is all about stretching what you have (within use by dates of course). Save the expensive things for the days you want your go-to looks and use the samples as fillers on ordinary days.

Any other ways to score freebies? Let me know!


I was not paid to endorse or talk about any of these products or businesses, these statements are my opinions and experiences only.

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