The Most Underrated State to Visit…

I should preface this by saying I’ve only been to about 2/3 of the US so far, but out of all of the states I have visited, the one that surprised me the most in terms of beauty? UTAH. I know. Who ever thinks to go to Utah on vacation? Not anyone I know and not me, we were just passing through on a trip from Eastern Montana to Las Vegas to Phoenix, AZ, and finally to Guthrie, Oklahoma then back to Montana.

Utah is beautiful. You might rarely have service… but its really so gorgeous and I’ve never seen another state that compares in my opinion.

We drove through these rock formations for hooouuuurs but we loved it. On our route, there wasn’t a town in sight, but what is in sight is like no other. I rarely want to visit the same place twice but I definitely plan to go back. is a great website (best state site I’ve seen to be honest) and it will show you everything the state has to offer.

So if you are looking for an out of the box trip that your friends and family probably haven’t done… Utah might just be the place to go.

Let me add that these are not my photos – this trip was about three years ago and sadly I no longer have the many that I took. Guess we’ll HAVE to go again. 😉

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