Bodys Revealed Okc

Today, I took my 3 year old to the Body’s Revealed exhibit at the science museum.

In case you haven’t heard about this exhibit, it’s all real bodies in various states. Some are just bones, some are muscles and bones, some have nerves, some even still have their eyes. 

If you haven’t seen my other post, my daughter has been a little obsessed with anatomy lately. Literally the moment she wakes up she wants me to show her photos and videos online (the digestive system is her fave). So I showed her photos of the exhibit a few days ago and she’s been dying to go. I thought it’d be cool.

So we’re walking through and I’m getting a little freaked out. “Mommy, look! There’s the mandible! Did you know I have one too?” I pick up the pace a little, ready to leave. “Look! The muscles all have fibers! I think I can see them” I start praying for our souls for just casually viewing these things. “Here’s a heart, mommy! There’s the atrium and here are the valves…” 

Needless to say, she loved it. And while I will probably have nightmares, I can admit that it was pretty cool and informative. 

Body’s Revealed is at the Oklahoma City  Science Museum until October 29th then it will be moving along to another city. 
Side note: I didn’t allow my daughter to see the room of fetuses, for obvious reasons. That part was pretty extreme and I would give it some thought before taking kids inside.

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