Museum of Osteology


Yesterday, I took my daughter to the Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma City, Ok. The museum had good reviews, is featured on TripAdvisor, and had “bones” which my daughter is wild about so it seemed like a win! The museum is about 7000 square feet (not exceptionally large for a museum) and it is literally wall to wall skeletons. The museum was actually the first of it’s kind in America, until they opened another location in Florida.

We went around 12:30 and despite it being a fairly small building, it was not crowded at all. The building is split into two floors and the middle of the room is open to both. The large skeletons in the center are open (no glass) and because the museum prides itself on being hands-on you are actually allowed to touch them! For such a small building, the place is PACKED with skeletons (over 300). The museum features a variety of animals and had a human section that showcased a few types of deformities, as well as some engineered skulls to show the transition of early humans into today’s anatomy. They also have a section for animals native to Oklahoma.

It was definitely a very cool place to visit, we walked around about 2.5 times and still saw things we had missed the first time. My daughter absolutely loved it and really enjoyed getting to touch the larger skeletons.


Educational programs are available onsite and there are scavenger hunts available for every age. A prize is available for those who finish the hunt with correct answers. (My daughter got a small bouncy ball.)

Visit to plan your own trip!




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